Books are Generational Wealth Tools

Welcome to the Pink Unicorn Blog. I am Luna Claire also known as “Carla Wynn Hall”. Today’s post is all about the New Direction of our world and how you can start to make new choices. PIVOT is a word we heard this year. Business closed, people lost their job, others lost their lives while conspiracy theories and human division burned through the world like a blazing wildfire. In January of 2020 (the year of clarity), the SARS-COVID 19 sickness encapsulated the world. Every day on the news we saw images of death and destruction. Every day, we started to become swallowed by fear and uncertainty.

Believe it or not there is something you can do right now, to help you pandemic proof your future. Having a published book not only supports you as a business owner, but it allows you to vent your feelings about big issues such as the events of 2020 from the virus to BLM and it’s not over yet.

When the world started to fold under, one of the first securities that was ripped away was that of a job, a paycheck and a reasonable assurance that food would be on the table. With devastating loss at every turn, it’s very important to begin at once, seeing things in the certain way in which you wish to experience them. The truth is that we as a community, well, we created this shit storm.

We have been rushing and grinding for so long, that we have forgotten about our ability to fully embrace and experience life as it is thrown at us. The pandemic has taught us how to embrace change as a necessity, not a fringe benefit. That being said, how can a published book begin to create this change?